Video: Moby — This Wild Darkness

Before the release of his fifteenth studio album Everything Was Beautiful, and Nothing Hurt, Moby’s dropped “This Wild Darkness,” a contemplative single lined with optimism.

The first three singles off Everything Was Beautiful – “Like a Motherless Child,” “Mere Anarchy,” and “This Wild Darkness” — showcase Moby’s ruminations on loss, abandonment, disenchantment, and ultimately, the end of the world.

Moby expounded on “This Wild Darkness” on Twitter: “the world is a baffling place, full of confusion and darkness, and ‘this wild darkness’ is essentially an existential dialog between me and the gospel choir. me talking about my confusion, the choir answering with longing and hope.” Watch the music video for the track below, and hear Everything Was Beautiful in its entirety this Friday.

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