Lou The Human – Fuck Your Opinion

Lou The Human absolutely bodies “Fuck Your Opinion.”

Lou The Human

Today, Lou The Human has returned to the fold with a new banger. “I seen my daddy die and that shit just turned me cold,” raps Lou, shedding aside the Slim-Shady-esque maniacal persona for a closer look into his psyche. And while the moments of development and introspection are appreciated, it’s always nice to hear Lou flex with the bars. In the past, he’s come off as somewhat zany in his villainy, a quality which is altogether absent on “Fuck Your Opinion.” Instead, the lyricism is simply raw.

“Ball hard we all stars no Smash Mouth,” raps Lou, taking us collectively back to 1999 in one fell swoop, “and if she don’t let me smash bet i catch mouth.” While the production is somewhat unremarkable, it remains a more-than-serviceable backdrop for Lou to simply go off for nearly five minutes; you can tell this one meant a lot for the Staten Island rapper, who is still looking for that big break. If he keeps delivering lyrics at this caliber, perhaps his rise is simply an inevitability.

Quotable Lyrics

I just plant a seed and let it grow natrually
I shine already it’s apparent, ya’ll my sons I abandoned
Man the funds I demand it, any track bet I ran it
Ain’t nobody in my space bitch I’m on another planet
Planning to go toe to toe is a bad step
Stepping to me is the quickest way is to get your ass whipped
It’s deeper than some rap shit, it’s some all black shit half passed out
Ball hard we all stars no Smash Mouth
And if she don’t let me smash bet i catch mouth

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